A Glimpse at Humor in the Prophetic Sunnah


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A Glimpse at Humor in the Prophetic Sunnah – Compilation & English Translation By Abul Hasan Malik Adam Al-Akhdar

On the authority of Abu Hurayrah who said that some of the Companions asked the Prophet: “O Messenger Of Allah, is it that you joke with us?” He answered: “Yes, except I only say that which is true.”

Sufyan al-Thawri (d.167H) was asked: “Is joking considered a shortcoming?” He replied: “No, rather, it is Sunnah,”

Due to lack of true knowledge of the Prophet’s life and history in western print and media, far too many mistakenly imagine that the Prophet of Islam – and the Religion – strictly prohibit joking and humor. However in reality, if one truly considers the fact that Prophet Muhammad was the most complete human being to walk the earth, and his message the most comprehensive, it would make perfect sense that there would exist a very rich tradition of the Prophet utilizing humor in the course of calling to the Message of the Creator of mankind.


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