Steadfastness Upon the Manhaj : The True Methodology


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Ibn Taymiyyah said:

“As for the people of Sunnah and hadith, then none of their scholars or righteous laypeople are known to have recanted from their position and belief. In fact, they are the greatest of the people in remaining firm upon that, even if they are tested with various trials and types of turmoil. This is the condition of the Prophets and their followers from the previous generations like the people of the ditch and other than them. Like the pious predecessors of this nation including the companions and their students from the tabiun and other than them from the Imams. To the extent that Imam Malik used to say: ‘Do not envy anyone who has not been subjected to severe trials and affliction in this affair.’ He would say: ‘Indeed Allah must test the believer with trials and affliction. Then if he is patient, his level increases


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